UIUC Hindi

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Proficiency Exams

Students are able to fulfill UIUC's language requirement by completing a language proficiency exam.

Currently, Proficiency Exams are given in the following languages:

  • Hindi; the Hindi proficiency exam is free of charge for UIUC students

  • Urdu**

  • Bengali**

  • Tamil*

  • Telugu*

  • Kannada*

  • Malayalam*

  • Punjabi*

  • Gujarati *

  • Marathi*

The Fall 2019 Proficiency Exams will be given on September 3, 2019 from 7 to 9pm; the second Tuesday of the Fall Semester
The location will be announced here around August 25 (emails regarding the location will redirect you to this page).

Bring your iCard or photo ID with you

To sign up for the next Proficiency Exam, please click here.

*These language tests cost $75

**These language tests costs $50




When is the Proficiency Exam typically scheduled?

The exam is given ONCE every Fall and Spring semesters on TUESDAY of the second week of classes, from 7-9 PM.

What is the structure of this exam?

The exam is designed to test a student’s communicative skills in Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing (in a given language) comparable to at least that of a student who has studied that language (Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, etc.) in a North American University for Four Semesters or has native proficiency in the language.


Do I have to master any specific content or follow any syllabus or reading list, etc.?

There is no syllabus or textbook for this exam. Also, since this is a language proficiency exam, no factual information needs to be memorized. The written test involves the understanding of texts, vocabulary, composition, understanding instructions, as well as exercises/questions pertaining to specifically chosen texts. Candidates must be able to deal with everyday situations and have a command of basic grammatical structures and vocabulary. The written exam will have various types of questions, including multiple choice questions.


Is the use of a dictionary permitted during the written exam?


What do I accomplish by passing this exam?

By passing this exam, a student fulfills the language requirement of their College.

Will I receive course credits after passing this exam?

No credits are awarded for passing the proficiency exam. As per our Department’s policy, language/course credits are earned only through enrolling in language classes. However, the language requirement for the University is fulfilled by passing this exam.

Can I pass the proficiency exam by taking only an oral exam?

No. Every student is required to take both the written and the oral exam.

How many times can I take the exam?

Only once in each language. For example, if a student fails to pass the Proficiency exam in one language, he/she will be allowed to take the exam in a different language(s).

Can I get or take a practice exam?


Am I required to register for this exam?

Yes. You must web register for this exam at least 48 hours before the exam.

What should I bring to the exam?

Pencils, pens, and your UIUC ID. No electronic devices of any kind are permitted in the testing area. Any form of communication between students will be considered cheating, and you may be barred from taking the exam.